To The Daily Sun,

I confess.

When I was in high school in Florida, sometime in the years 1959-1962, I attended a couple of parties at which I actively participated in a game we then called “spin the bottle.”

Participants from both sexes (there were only two at that time) were all voluntary as far as I know, and there were no alcoholic beverages served or consumed (the drinking age then in Florida was 21 and none of us had the knowhow to make fake IDs).

But I did it. I participated.

And a couple of times I was lucky enough for the bottle to land on me when spun by a girl and, under the “rules,” she and I then retired to an adjacent “private” area, a closet I seem to recall, to engage in what I now recall to be a very chaste closed-mouth kiss or two, returning to the group being very proud of ourselves and becoming the recipients of a lot of kidding from our peers.

Based on this confession of my long-ago sins, I hereby withdraw from consideration of any appointments to the Supreme Court, U.S. or otherwise.

Norman J. Silber, Member

New Hampshire House of Representatives

Belknap County District 2- Gilford & Meredith


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I love the comments. He is so getting what he deserves!!!


I am so confused by this letter. Is Mr. Silber equating his behavior with sexual assault? If so, are we supposed to assume that while in the closet he used his full weight to pin the girl, that he covered her mouth when she tried to scream, that he groped her and tried to remove her clothes while she struggled and tried to free herself? If so, I applaud Mr. Silber's willingness to take responsibility for his actions, although I wish he'd had the courage to be explicit in describing the assault. Or, is Mr. Silber equating sexual assault with a game? I would ask Mr. Silber to clarify his confession. Is he confessing to sexual assault or is he telling his constituents that he considers sexual assault to be a game rather than a crime? Is he saying that behavior that would disqualify him from consideration to the Supreme Court should also disqualify him from serving as a state representative? Or is he saying that the bar is so much lower here in New Hampshire, that men who admit to or belittle sexual assault are suited to public service in our state? Clarification of the statements in Mr. Silber's letter would be very helpful. After all, Mr. Silber did not submit the letter as a private citizen. He submitted the letter in his capacity as a state representative. Please, please, please clarify your statement, Representative Silber. Are you guilty of sexual assault or do you just equate sexual assault to a game? Are you pointing out that because a girl can be a willing participant in a game, any woman is a wiling participant in sexual assault? Without being satirical or coy, as my representative in state government, where do you stand on sexual assault?


So you think Spin the Bottle and Molestation / Attempted Rape are one and the same? How enlightened of you NOT.... and you represent the people? NOT...


What a ridiculous statement! Especially from an elected NH legislator! How do you not understand what consent means?! Ask your female loved ones (wife? daughter? sister? aunt?) which scenario they would try to escape from, would make them afraid, would give them nightmares, would make it hard for them to trust? Write your next letter with their responses. I’ll wait.


#anothermanwhodoesnotgetit you are so far off the mark.


His current display of willful ignorance is protected by the first amendment and exposes him to the electorate for what he is. Those that side with his arcane point of view expose themselves too.


Rep Silber, you have no business serving as a representative in the NH House with this type of attitude. Comparing Spin the Bottle with sexual assault is unacceptable. Further more, the rules relating to comments clearly state that sexism isn’t allowed. Why are letters to the editor dripping with sexism allowed here?


Attempt (and fail) at humor aside, Norman Silber is a dinosaur who has opposed anything that's in the best interests of the constiuents he claims to rep. If he wants to go for laughs he should use a alittle more red when he dyes his hair. Clown. Remember this op ed and his voting record (when he's present) when you hit the polls.

Michelle Carter

It is this kind of dismissal of these issues that are the problem. There is nothing funny about attempted rape. Treating it like it is something that everyone does is why the “good old boys” need to be voted out of office. As a candidate for the NH House of Representatives district 5 I would be happy to add my voice on these topics in Concord. Be heard. VOTE.


A grownup wrote this. Think about that. An elected official is making a public statement about a serious rape allegation, and minimizing it with a ridiculous strawman premise.

The bullies are holding sway right now. RESIST THIS.

Common Sense

Playful humor from Rep. Sibler, how refreshing. This Supreme Court Nominee is supposed to make very possible the overturning of Roe v Wade. Can we look forward to more of your quips at that time?


I am presuming this is an idle stab at humor. However I find your comments to be crass, misogynistic, and deeply wrong. To make fun of serious allegations of attempted rape , when we have seen so many shockingly similar allegations that in fact, turned out to be true, makes me wonder what is in your past and who will come out and bring your buried history into light.


How is playing spin the bottle, a consensual game played by willing participants, the same as holding someone down on a bed, trying to rip their clothes off, and holding your hand over her mouth so nobody can hear her scream? Absolutely ludicrous piece of satire. I hope you realize the women of your district are going to read this article and keep it in mind next time they vote.


Thanks for sharing BUT you missed the point.

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