To The Daily Sun,

Just read of a tiny frog, a fraction longer than an inch, found living under the leaf litter of the mountain range along the west coast of the sub-continent of India. Known as the starry dwarf frog, Astrobatrachus kurichiyana.

About 55 million years ago the Indian subcontinent collided with the Eurasian plate after nearly 100 million years of drifting northeastwards. The frog only lives on one isolated hill in India, and may have no close relatives for tens of millions of years. (K.P. Dinesh)

We here have the peepers, they are very vocal at times, are found afoot as well. No waiting tens of millions of years to be found under tropical leaf litter. Safe indeed under leaf liter, unlike long lost cousins in Madagascar or the island of Antarctica and now discovered only to face its demise, without a peep.

The huge strange creature which flies with unflappable wings, keeps warm with processed oil, and all sorts of other negative activities is causing the climate to change, in just a few years resulting in a warmer climate.

Rising sea levels; Oh! wait, the frogs lives on a hill, will probably survive another 10 million years.

Sixty-five million years ago an ice era began, Earth started getting colder. The last 125,000 earth has gone through an ice age cycle which caused all of Canada to be covered in ice up to two miles thick (much as Greenland is today).

Earth has been through six earlier Ice Era’s, lasting around 65 million years. That is near 500 million years out of 4.5 billion; the general condition of earth is ‘warmer,’ maybe even ‘hot.’ The climate change adherents will tell you that human activity is causing the earth to warm and most certainly raise the ocean levels, flooding and causing disastrous changes in the climate. They do not tell you that the melting of the ice over Canadian and else where raised the sea levels more than 200 feet in the last 18,000 years. Remember there were six previous ices ages — the warming of the earth is not an unnatural condition.

Perhaps the starry dwarf frog may be able to come down off its mountain if the warming continues and spread beyond its range and one day populate the earth as some other creatures have been able to.

The Gaia hypothesis proposes that all organisms and their inorganic surroundings on Earth are closely integrated to form a single and self-regulating complex system, maintaining the conditions for life on the planet. It is this theory which provided the adherents footing which proclaims humans ability to be the cause of change and then to be the abler to correct it. Not that humans moved the continents, tilted the earth, placed the moon in the sky; no, just that we started putting CO2 into the atmosphere. We didn’t do anything to start the last ice age nor to end it. ( (

G.W. Brooks


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Antarctica is a continent - not an island. Climate change is indeed a natural thing ... UNTIL humans burn and burn and burn fossil fuels. Oil. Coal. Wood. Millions of acres of trees on every continent that bears them. Dung. For the longest time our use of certain chemicals was also creating holes in the ozone layer around this planet until we humans made changes and eradicated many of those fluorocarbons and the ozone layer has repaired itself. But all of that particulate matter plus carbon monoxide works too keep heat in much like the insulation in your home or the hair on your head. Tens of thousands of scientists are in agreement that these things are accelerating climate change. More ferocious storms. Hotter Summers. Icy Winters. All of these people agree that it is a real thing and that in what remains of MY lifetime we will see irrevocable changes that will impact every coastal City and village worldwide. Yet YOU - a little old guy from New Hampshire knows MORE than all of them put together?? I don't think so. Not possible. Trump has fooled you as have those evangelicals who claim that everything is done by God only. Please wake up before you find your bedroom furniture floating past your blindered eyes.

Alan Moon The science is not settled.


Breitbart? Lol


These know it all non-scientist experts on science crack me up. Great post

Alan Moon

My hearing is so damaged from the machinery and the guns. Wish I could still hear the peepers and crickets


No,we did not on either account, but we HUMANS are not helping our planet either.

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