To The Daily Sun,

Congressional Candidate Chris Pappas will work to ensure quality, affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans. While Pappas promises to work against efforts to repeal or weaken the Affordable Care Act (ACA, “Obamacare”), Eddie Edwards vows to repeal the ACA.

In addition to his commitment to the ACA, Pappas pledges to support legislation allowing individuals and businesses to opt into the Medicare system; a public option for health care exchanges; efforts to lower the cost of prescription drugs by ending special tax breaks for pharmaceutical companies, by allowing Americans to purchase drugs purchases from Canada and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices. ACA coverage of mental health issues is particularly important to my family.

Edwards wants to replace the ACA with a plan offering greater consumer choice. How many people want a choice when they have a broken leg or a child needing treatment for meningitis?

Chris Pappas has concrete proposals to protect, expand, and improve access to healthcare for my family and all Americans. Please join me in voting for Pappas on November 6.

Starr Hope


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