To The Daily Sun,

Let's talk about Maura Sullivan for a minute here. Think about this: 18,000 intellectually challenged Democrats voted for the ultimate carpetbagger. Ninety-seven percent out of state funding, resident of N.H. for less than one year, ran for election in two other states, couldn't get elected there either. Seems to me that there really should be a minimum residency law for hopeful politicians. Ten years seems right to me. Seriously, how can someone from out of state come here and six months later she wants to represent us? How could she?

Open your eyes folks. She is the ultimate controlled politician. She would have fit very well with our Gang of Four in Washington.

Steve Fiorini


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Alan Moon

JWV will you vote against Eddie Edwards because he's black? That's what you said about people who didn't vote for Obummer.


I don't think any Democrats care in the slightest what you think. I voted for Pappas but Sullivan was my second choice.

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