To The Daily Sun,

Thinking of barriers, remember when Pres. Reagan challenged Pres. Gorbachev, with "Take down this wall"? That setting for lethal-shootings-by-guards, the Berlin Wall, came down. My teenaged daughter was in Spain that summer in an exchange of students, and she called me up, said, "Mom, guess where I am?" My reply, "Spain." "No. I'm at the Berlin Wall!" Historic, that the post-WWII political "solution" was done with. She brought home a hand-sized piece of the rubble. Now she's a mother and her older is a teen the age she was in Spain and Germany.

A good thing about a wall such as Pres. Trump proposes is that someday it might become a political victory for someone who says for the good of humanity and with courage, "Take down this wall!"

But I've also thought, as I hear that the tomatoes we get from Mexico in the winter will soon not be on our shelves, due to border mess-up there, is that we should have an organic wall. It could be a hundreds of miles stretch of grove trees. Oranges, peaches maybe. People with Irish surnames came to our land of plenty after their potato famine drove them to a better place. Our English ancestors in New England who left from Ipswich, England, and came to Ipswich, MA, were escaping death-by-politics (wrong political party). This was a better place to be, to stay alive and perhaps safely raise children. How normal, to go from a place that doesn't work for survival to one that does.

A grove of trees, offering lovely view and respite and even God-given fruits —that would be ideal and cost far less than steel and concrete — and be friendly. It would also allow for the passage-through of wildlife in their natural habitat. 

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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Alan Moon

I can't find your sources SP67 but If you don't know about how Berlin was divided in the wake of WW2, the Berlin air lift, and the Cold War with the Soviet Union, ect, you really wasted your money on your education.


No Tool Moon that was NOT the only reason it was built as you so loosely stated. As in always to cause panic and upset as your side only does far to well.


That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. The Berlin Wall was built to keep East Germans INSIDE East Berlin. They did it to prevent citizens from escaping Communism. Because before the Wall went up people fled at every given opportunity. Did you ever go there? Did you ever see it?
Why don't you put your gun down for a minute and get educated.


You wrote another lovely letter, thank you.

Alan Moon

The Berlin wall was there to keep people from escaping the Communist prison that was east Germany. Our wall will be there to protect our people from the crime, drugs and disease these invaders are bringing into our country. Why is that so hard to understand? American citizens are dying every day because you demorats refuse to enforce the law. It IS an emergency and President Trump should declare it so.

You need to re read some history. Hopefully this copied well enough. Even I knew what you said about the wall was not correct. I guess that is what college gets you.


I honestly don’t think a wall is going to do a darn thing. People will always find away around it, under it, or over it. It will not stop crime or drug abuse nor ever disease! Crime happens every day and every where and that is not just illegals causing it. Drugs come in from China and Russia, not just Mexico. People here grow and make their own drugs. As for disease, good luck with that one. Why don’t you just encase the USA in a gaint bubble next. Why not go after all those anti vaccine nut cases, it’s not just immigrate people bring it here. What about Global Warming? We are losing islands, animals, food, etc.... is the wall going to help that stop as well. It’s a sad society we live in today. No one cares about anything other than themselves, period. It is not an emergency and WE should not pay for his grand delusion. He has done nothing but cause more harm than good. We are worse off with him than any other president. He has made us a mockery and that can never be excused.


Oh and I’m not a democratic, please stop sticking me with labels, thank you.

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