To The Daily Sun,

To the voters of Laconia:

I’m writing to encourage Laconia voters to support a long-time champion of the city and current candidate for mayor, Andrew Hosmer.

Prior to retiring as the director of New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council (NHPSTC), I’d spent over 40 years in law enforcement. As the Director of NHPSTC, part of my responsibility was to work with legislators when building responsible, balanced budgets that allowed the council to fulfill its mission.

I first had an opportunity to work with then Senator Hosmer during his time on Senate Finance. His ability to listen to others and work collaboratively with colleagues, regardless of party, was his distinguishing characteristic. He took the initiative to visit NHPSTC and learn about our basic training for new police officers, as well as our in-service training for all law enforcement officers in the state. He also took the time to fully understand how the council was funded and how that funding mechanism benefitted the communities he represented. In taking the time to study and learn about the council, he became a well-versed advocate for not just the NHPSTC, but all N.H. law enforcement.

While in the senate, Andrew Hosmer always focused on how legislation would impact his local community. What particularly impressed me was his concern about a proposed funding plan that would have downshifted all police training expenses onto individual police departments and local taxpayers. Had this funding plan passed, he knew it would make balancing the state budget easier, but it continued the shifting of state expenses onto local communities — without any state aid to offset the increased expenses. His leadership in the face of powerful political pressure resulted in the demise of this costly proposed plan and saved Laconia taxpayers from a hefty increase to their tax bills.

Over my 47 years in public service I’ve met and worked with many great people throughout the state. Andrew Hosmer is one of the best and will make a great mayor of Laconia.

Don Vittum


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