To The Daily Sun,

Late afternoon this past Saturday was busy with motorcycles beginning to roar into town. This, or simply my inattention, may or may not have contributed to my near collision with a truck on the enter ramp to Belmont Shaw’s Plaza. But the end result was that my car was shoved into the curb with enough force to gouge holes in two tires.

When I stopped at my destination at Big Lots, one gentleman apparently right behind me, hopped out of his car and offered to change the one completely flat tire. While I was figuring out just what I should do, another man with two family members also stopped and offered to help. These three were quickly followed by a third man who also rolled up his sleeves. So before I knew it, and before my husband arrived, the equipment was taken out of my trunk, the car jacked up, and the tire changed. I asked them their names — which of course I can’t remember — except that the family of three lives in Sanbornton.

I was more than astounded that three separate parties were so very willing to interrupt their errands at Big Lots to help someone else. Not only that, but they were interesting people and most respectful of my situation. It was most obvious to me that helping someone else was just who they were and what they do.

For me, their kindness went a long way to neutralizing some of the rancid, self-serving, and polarizing politics America is currently experiencing.

Judy Buswell


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