To The Daily Sun,

Overall, it was a fantastic election for Democrats who wanted the Toxic Trump Train to be countered and held accountable. Democrats needed 23 seats to flip the House but it looks like they might reach 37 or more, the most since Watergate. The U.S. House will be in Democrat's hands on January 4.

Nobody expected the Senate to flip because it was an exceptionally good map for the GOP this time around. Democrats also flipped suburbia, from the east coast to Nevada, which has been voting GOP for a long time.

With the Democrats controlling the purse strings, there will be no wall, no Obamacare repeal, no anti-immigrant bills, and no attacks on reproductive rights. There will be no more tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare benefits, and food stamps are safe again. There will no more spineless House leaders looking the other way or kissing the strongman's ring. His protectors like Devin Nunez will no longer chair committees. There will be subpoenas and investigations into the most ethically corrupt administration this country has seen in a long time. Trump has surrounded himself with crooks so hearings are coming. The Democrats will try to pass ACA fixes, immigration reform, an infrastructure bill, and a tax cut law that actually favors the average worker for starters. Our bridges are falling apart!

The N.H. Senate, House, and Executive Council all flipped to the Democrats and that includes the victory of an Afghan refugee beating a four-term incumbent. Arizona and Georgia are turning purple, Kris Kobach lost the governor's race in Kansas, and Wisconsin sent Scott Walker packing. And Walker can't ask for a recount because of a law he put in place to protect himself and Republicans. Hilarious! Putin's favorite congressman, Dana Rorschacher, also lost. Democrats flipped seven governorships and Republicans lost over three-hundred state legislature seats. That's enough so that eight more states now have Democrat governors and legislatures. Utah, Nebraska, and Idaho approved full Medicaid expansion that will help 300,000 people. Missouri and Utah approved medical Marijuana and Michigan became the tenth state to approve recreational marijuana use for adults. Come on, N.H.!

Democrats outvoted Republicans in U.S. Senate races by 15 percent and in House races by 7 percent. In voting numbers, it was the biggest Democrat wave since the post-Watergate election and was comparable to the Tea Party wave of 2010. (And in January, there will be two Muslim women in the U.S. House. Colorado will have a gay governor. Barriers are breaking down. Gerrymandering, one of the ways the GOP cheats along with voter suppression tactics, also took some hits. "In Michigan, Missouri, and Colorado, voters overwhelmingly passed ballot initiatives to put an end to this practice; as of Wednesday evening, another in Utah held onto a slight lead. They join another initiative passed in Ohio earlier this year. These initiatives either set up independent redistricting commissions or vastly limit the ability of a single party to unilaterally draw the lines." (Wired Magazine) And in Massachusetts, 67 percent voted to keep in place the transgender anti-discrimination law signed by Governor Baker two years ago. Good stuff, eh?

James Veverka


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One thing I like about my letters is that the fools on the right are like a quiet night. Crickets


More like šŸŒ slugs!!!


What, no Alan Moon nonsense yet?


Iā€™m waiting as well...... bring the chips as Alan will bring his dip!!


Did you see how he told Ryan Murdough that his bigotry was no different than what he thinks other ones supposedly displayed in the paper? He appears to think differences of opinion is bigotry. And he just made a comment under the letter on nationalism that spoke of the Muslim and African invaders coming into France and Germany. He also said imagine what the countries will look like. You mean Brown people, Alan. Should I call him out in a letter? Be fun! Embarrassing and ignorant statements by Alan

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