To The Daily Sun,

With at least 50 vetoes, Sununu is setting a record in overturning the work of our hard-working state legislators. Among last week’s vetoes, were three bills, passed with bipartisan support in the New Hampshire House and Senate, to reduce gun violence in our state.

Vetoed bill HB514, the establishment of a three-day waiting period between purchase and the delivery of a firearm, and vetoed bill HB109, a universal background check, have been shown to reduce suicide rates in states with such legislation relative to states without such laws. Sununu’s vetoes thwarted our legislators’ efforts to reduce suicide by firearms. Suicide is a leading cause of death in the Granite State with over 50% of the 2016 self-inflicted deaths committed with firearms.

Sununu also vetoed HB-564 which would have prohibited the possession of firearms on school property or school buses to reduce the possibility of gun violence in our schools.

None of these laws would have any negative impact on the state’s “tradition of responsible firearm stewardship,” as Sununu claimed. His vetoes did, however, undercut the efforts of our elected legislators to make our state more safe.

Margaret Merritt


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