To The Daily Sun,

Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror. Christmas is approaching fast. We are bombarded by ads on TV, social and print media for cars, vacations, toys and furniture — everywhere! Ads of family gatherings with tables laden with sumptuous foods also abound. Everyone is targeted by Madison Avenue to have a “Hallmark Holiday”.

Unfortunately, for those who earn the minimum wage, these scenarios will never happen. Minimum wage does not even cover the basics of shelter, clothing, and food. Most minimum-wage workers must rely on supplemental government aid to survive.

Governor Sununu seems to feel this is an acceptable way to live. He has vetoed a bill which would raise the minimum hourly wage to $10 in 2020 and again to $12 in 2022. Let Governor Sununu know this is not the way New Hampshire treats our working poor. Demand he support a living wage for those who are willing to work.

Catherine E. Goegel


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