To The Daily Sun,

The following is an eerie political parallel and comparison of our present day dilemma. It is more than an ironic parallel that choices made over time will lead up to the very real possibility of Democrats taking back the majority control of Congress and eventually the presidency.

It’s almost as if Democrats are being ‘given back’ control of the House and the Senate to yet again undo all of the horrendous mistakes which have brought this country to a point in time when the uber rich control a tremendous, obscene amount of wealth and power.

Looking back through recent history we see that the Reagan and Bush/Cheney administrations were put into place to "give" humongous tax breaks to wealthy people, protect corporations against culpability, roll-back laws and regulations, decimate crucial federal oversight departments (both Reagan and Bush/Cheney tried to abolish the Department of Education, the EPA and other departments too numerous to list here). After each one of these administrations engineered their dastardly deeds, Democrats were elected (Clinton and Obama) to clean up the overwhelming messes put in place by and for the wealthy of this nation by Republicans and the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus.

Presidents Reagan, Bush/Cheney, and now Trump/Pence have tried to roll back restrictions on corporations who gladly and in a purposefully wanton, unrestrained, malicious manner continue to pollute our environment without care or regard for long-term health affects to millions of human beings. We are witness to a Trump administration more than willing to trample and overturn long-fought-for laws and regulations which protect our very fragile environment. His administration is trying to break the records of both Reagan and Bush/Cheney in taking this country to a very dangerous place in many ways. Each one of these presidents were and are as malleable as soft clay and easily molded by the power brokers.

Reagan effectively read cue cards scripted for him and was fully supported by the modern day "robber barons," such as Walter Annenberg, et al. George W. Bush abdicated his presidency to the total control of Dick Cheney. Fast forward to present day, we now have Trump in place who is a pawn willing to bend himself into a pretzel for the elitists who claim residency in the United States for the primary purpose of taking full advantage of humongous tax breaks.

Most troubling of all are the appointments to the Supreme Court by Republican administrations which have had, and will continue to impact and have very serious, deleterious repercussions to this nation for decades to come.

Bernadette Loesch


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