To The Daily Sun,

Laconia is a city in transition. Hard-hit by the opioid crisis and suffering from underemployment, people in Laconia are struggling and looking for leaders who will speak directly our fears and worries. We are looking to be seen.

That’s why it was such a joy to have Senator Kirsten Gillibrand participate in the Laconia 4th of July Parade and speak directly to voters about what actually matters to us.

She’s not afraid to talk frankly about the problems that seem to be tearing our country apart. When I asked her about food security, she not only acknowledged the problem but showed a clear understanding of the barriers that hold back so many families in New Hampshire and across the country.

It was the same when she spoke about LGBTQ rights. It was heartening to hear how she led the fight to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, standing up to her own party to do what she knew was right.

And now her answer to a question about white privilege has gone viral. Senator Gillibrand spoke earnestly about the ways in which black communities have been left behind for generations, while still making clear that so many hardworking people across every community continue to suffer every day. It showed bravery and a capacity to speak clearly to voters in a way that transcends party lines and demonstrated her ability to win over voters of all stripes in a general election.

While I am still making up my mind on who I’m supporting, I live in a city that’s begging to be seen and it’s clear that Gillibrand is looking.

Carlos Cardona


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