To The Daily Sun,

Gilford Got Lunch has just wrapped up its summer program for 2019. We provided breakfast and lunch on a daily basis for over 50 children every single week of this past summer. As a program, we are blessed by outstanding volunteers who:

— Run the website and data base

— Calculate the amount of food needed

— Order food from N.H. Food Bank and Vista Foods

— Pick up food and bread orders

— Order produce

— Inventory food as it comes in from purchases as well as ongoing donations

— Plan the delivery routes

— Vet and train the drivers on our policy and procedures

— Train he rest of the volunteers

— Procure and deliver backpacks in August

— Pack the food bags on Mondays

— Deliver the food bags on Mondays

— Provide press releases to keep folks current with sign up dates and other information.

The delivery routes are planned out so that they are delivered to the homes by our drivers who go every single week and bring the food that makes a difference to the children of the Gilford community.

It is truly a very well-oiled machine! We are supported by our community in so many ways. By the folks who show up every Monday for an hour or so, as well as the periodic financial contributions that are made. One never knows what checks will be found in our mailbox at the Gilford Community Church.

We are also blessed to have access to the amazing produce that was delivered every week by Aaron Lichtenberg from Winnipesaukee Woods Farm. He is part of a consortium of growers in the area who provide absolutely outstanding fresh produce every week.

We have an ongoing relationship with Vista Foods to provide us at low-cost many of our items as well as our bread every week. One of the important parts of that partnership is the fact that we provide a dairy voucher on a weekly basis for our families to obtain fresh dairy products for their family milk cheese yogurt etc.

Our winter program registration is open for families of school aged children in Gilford. Bags of dry goods are available for the students to take home for the weekend, to bridge the gap between school provided lunch on Friday and breakfast on Monday.

If you currently or have previously received food from Gilford Got Lunch, you must still register for the 20109-2020 school year program. This will begin the first Friday in October. The website is

I know I speak for ALL of our volunteers when we say we are lucky to be able to make a difference!

Meg Jenkins, Chair

Gilford Got Lunch

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