To The Daily Sun,

Here on Wednesday, readers were regaled with the opinions on Islam by Mr. Frank M. Weeks, who revealed that the site The Religion of Peace is not a credible source because it's anti-Islamic and author Robert Spencer is a Islamophobia, so not to be believed. Now let me assure readers that Mr. Spencer never, ever wrote a single word of the Quran or any other of the Islamic holy books. Spencer, Warner and other "Islamophobe's" only reveal what is written (see commanded) in those books for the faithful to do. If that makes them any kind of "phobe," so what, as long as they write facts and truth?

Same for the Religion of Peace, as long as their facts are correct and so far Mr. Weeks has not shown one shred of evidence that in any of these cases the authors or the sites are wrong.

Now I guarantee readers Frank Weeks has never read a Quran, likely never seen one up close or any of the Islamic holy books nor Islamic classics like Reliance of the Traveler or Milestones. Therein lies the difference, I have read many of these books, so my opinion carries the weight of knowledge he has not, so, frankly, his opinion isn't worth squat. Get some education Frank then you can talk intelligently.

It's worth noting that whenever the subject of Islam comes up those on the left always, and without exception resort to name calling, character assassination, outright denial of proven facts, history and the stated and written words of Islam itself. Why is that do readers think? My belief it is because about 90 percent of American Muslims vote Democratic and Democrats get huge donations from Muslims at all levels and from outside the country, with only the small cost of selling out the American peoples safety and security. Just my opinion but anyone have a better explanation?

Another tactic from the left is to refer to Christianity's sorted history of religious wars, inquisitions, and assorted barrack practices, going all the way into the Old Testament. Apparently those on the left are trying to cover up and justify one bad behavior with another bad behavior. I again say, so what? This is the 21st century and 80 percent of all terrorist attacks around the world are committed by avowed Islamic's in furtherance of Islam in the prescribed examples and commands of Muhammad himself.

Then of course there is always the old white men invaded the America's from Europe and killed hundreds of millions of indigenous peoples. Stated as if it was planned genocide, rather then the vast deaths were not do to disease, from which the native population had no natural immunity's. Again bad actions in the past do not justify bad actions now today and certainly do not add any weight or credence to the lefts defense of the undefinable.

Rampant anti-Semitism is on the rise now in America, as it was in Europe a few years ago, coinciding with the immigration of millions of Muslims there and here. This is no coincidence, as Islam is dedicated to the concept of eradicating all Jews. Here in the U.S. Congress, we have seen undeniable, raw anti-Semitism espoused by an elected Muslim congresswoman swept aside, under the carpet by those on the left who like Mr. Weeks will not bother to educate themselves to the realities of political Islam and it's treats to all civilization.

— In Feb. 2019 there were 150 Islamic terrorist attacks in 22 countries. 883 people were killed and 547 were injured. (per RoP)

— In the year 2018 there were 1,976 Islamic terrorist attacks in 56 country's , 11,769 people were killed and 11, 483 were injured.(per RoP)

Steve Earle 


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Common Sense

So much love for your neighbor! You must be a follower of Christ!


Those are fake numbers from a hate site

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