To The Daily Sun,

Regarding Father Marc Drouin:

On May 14, we felt compelled to write to the community to ask for support in the form of writing appeal letters to Bishop Libasci regarding the preservation of the Saint Joseph Church building. We received and appreciated a very warm response.

Once again, we feel compelled to reach out but this time regarding Father Marc Drouin. We feel Father Marc Drouin, a native of Laconia and long time resident, is not deserving of the vitriol we have heard on the streets and seen on social media.

It appears to us that Father Marc’s mission and vision is to lead a financially healthy parish in order to serve the people of the community. Father Marc has taken phone calls in the middle of the night and while on vacation to serve parishioners in need. He shows up to hold the hands of the dying, anoints the sick, baptizes our babies and eulogizes our loved ones. The shortage of Catholic priests means Father Marc is pulled in many different directions at great personal sacrifice. He is a man that has completely devoted his life to God and serving others.

Our family respects the loving way Father Marc Drouin provides for his flock and the years of work he has put into the parish consolidation. We also happen to disagree with the church on the issue of demolishing the Saint Joseph Church building and that is okay. In fact, the Catholic Church deliberately provides a procedure to disagree.

We will continue to support those who wish to achieve a solution that honors both Father Marc Drouin’s work and the desire to preserve Saint Joseph Church building as a symbol of our local heritage and New England character for future generations.

We would ask that no matter your thoughts on the specifics of this debate, please remember to show respect, for both visions are noble.

The Normandin Family

Linda Normandin, Judy Normandin, Frank Normandin, Susie Normandin

and Jean Normandin Masterson

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