To The Daily Sun,

Socialism fails every time!

Bernie Sanders has become an apostle, posing the idea that socialism is something NEW to young people. Socialism is anything but NEW. In fact there is no single idea that has caused more human suffering for so many millions of people on planet earth than SOCIALISM.

The word socialism can be traced back to Robert Owen. Owen was anointed by Karl Marx. Owen saw socialism in its purest form as COMMUNE LIVING. As did 40 or more others during the 19th century. Let it be noted. Every commune failed within two years, including Owens. One would have thought such failure would have ended the socialism test. But Marx wouldn’t give up. He was desperate to replace capitalism with socialism. Yelling the same “we all will be more equal fantasies,” academic JUNKIES like Scott Cracraft and Leo Sandy do from their bully pulpits atop ivy covered towers today.

These people all drown in a sucking, black hole of their own intellectual infatuation and SUPERORITY. Scott’s last column leaves any doubt of that INFATUATION or his propensity for intellectual BULLYING. What equality doesn’t mean is wealthy, middle class, prosperous or even HAPPY. How many tens of millions of Cubans, Russians or Venezuelans do you need to hear from to have that confirmed?

Vladmir Lenin pioneered a later version of communism/socialsm. It was imposed on 18 countries representing one-third of all mankind at the time. HUMAN REPRESSION was said to be necessary and justified by socialism’s greater economic benefits. EXACTLY what BERNIE SANDERS yells today. Certain Americans need to be CRUSHED to usher in the new socialist revolution. Lenin returns from the grave in the old body of Bernie Sanders. Every one of those countries fell into economic MISERY, one after another, as 100 MILLION lives were snuffed out almost casually. Whatever necessary to cement communism and socialism in place for the GREATER GOOD was done. Resist the revolution. You’re shot.

The British under Clement Attlee in 1945 tried a new form of socialism. That approach tried to nationalize major industries, including banking, mining and energy. Private enterprise and capitalism with those EVIL PROFITS had to be vanquished. All of those would be under the thumb of government LIKE BERNIE SANDERS WANTS. Nationalizing was such a massive failure Attlee fled the political scene. He was soundly voted out of office in 1951, never to be heard from again.

Bernie Sanders look-alike Francois Mitterrand tried in the1980s to rip capitalism from France’s economy. A new round of nationalizing with unlimited debt spending like a drunken sailor on a weekend pass was so unsettling to the country, Mitterrand changed course 180 degrees in an effort to calm voters and the French economy. It didn’t work. He left office a beaten man.

Just recently, Francois Hollande tried another socialist experiment. It produced the same massive economic failure for the French. Hollande left office in 2016 with the lowest approval rating of any French president in history, in single digits.

Bernie Sanders now defends dictators like of Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro. Socialism has failed every place it has ever been tried. Let young people make their own mistakes, but for god’s sake, let’s steer them from making the same one that has wrecked more lives and killed more people than any other economic form on earth ... SOCIALISM … Hundreds of millions have died under that headline.

Tony Boutin


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