To The Daily Sun,

I sometimes get so frustrated with anti-vaxxers. They are a clear and present danger to public health, especially with the misinformation they spread.

 In my deepest, darkest fantasies, sometimes I want to give them their worst nightmare, the one that they claim will happen but will not: have a nurse with COVID vaccine go door to door with law enforcement, and if you cannot show proof of vaccination or a medical reason not to be, you either take the vaccine or are put in quarantine.

But that would only give them what they falsely expect and, since many are potentially violent, it could cause them to hurt someone.

Also, they believe taking the COVID vaccine should be a choice. So, let’s indeed make it a choice.

Employers can demand vaccination as a condition of the job. After all, employers can ask that you do a lot of things if want to work or keep working for them. For example, they can require pre-employment physicals and urine tests, so why not require proof of COVID vaccination to get a job or keep a job?

It should be a “no-brainer” that those who work in health care should lose their jobs if they do not get vaccinated.

That would not be forcing anyone to take the vaccine. If every employer had such a policy, people would still have a choice: a job or unemployment.  Parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids would be able to make a choice between sending their kids to school or homeschooling them. People would still have a choice!

E. Scott Cracraft



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Alan Moon

You're going to find out what your Union buddies think about that.

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