To The Daily Sun,

Despite the misinformation circulated by certain writers to The Daily Sun about what happened at the U.S. Capitol, it should be clear to logical and observant people what really happened: an angry and violent mob of Trump supporters, white nationalists and fascist paramilitary terrorists attacked and breached the Capitol to stop the congressional certification of an fair election. It was not accidental. It was planned.

It also appears that former President Trump and his close circle of fellow criminals encouraged and incited an act of violent insurrection and sedition against the Constitution. The basic facts of the incident are indisputable for anyone who is rational and observant.

Of course, we do not have every detail. Naturally, anyone arrested in connection with the insurrection deserves due process of law. They are entitled to a fair trial. That is the job of the Justice Department and the courts. Hopefully, the House Select Committee on January 6 will uncover even more details about what happened.

I know most "hardcore" Trump supporters will deny any of the committee's findings, but Democrats wanted a bipartisan committee to investigate the riot and the GOP has resisted a fair investigation at every turn. Why? What do they want to hide? Is it possible that Trump and his supporters, including members of Congress, helped to incite the rioters?

The GOP is working to appease Trump and the ordinary voters who were duped into believing that Trump actually won the election and would return to office in May. Then it was June. Then it was July. It would be amusing if not so sad.

What happened is obvious: an armed and violent insurrection against the United States. It is also obvious that the assault was against Congress's duty to certify the Electoral College Vote.

It was not a tourist visit. It was not a peaceful demonstration. The rioters were what one journalist called "the worst America has to offer." It was a violent, vulgar, and dangerous attack on our Constitutional process.  Police officers were overwhelmed and abused. People died and others were injured by an angry mob incited by Trump.

It needs to be investigated fully by both the House Select Committee and the Justice Department. Those from the top to the bottom who caused this act of sedition must be held accountable. It is not just a matter of punishing them. We must deter such an unprecedented action again.

E. Scott Cracraft


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Alan Moon

So why, Scott, have at least 3 Capital Police Officers allegedly killed themselves since they they were involved on January 6th? Or are they just being 'silenced'? Violence = Silence, like Vince Foster.


I think they killed themselves due to the trauma they went through at the capitol.

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