To The Daily Sun,

It is a fact of life's reality, both past and present that people like to party. Usually parties consist of drugs and alcohol. Many times such usage enables one to be a social pizzazz. Only a few are naturally gifted as social pizazzes. It is a deeply rooted social norm in all social/economic levels to have a desire to party.

I am a loser/loner, always ostracized and still am. I never fit in and partied. I knew that in school most everyone was partying with drugs/alcohol. It was the cool thing to do and most likely still is. These people are not mentally ill, but drug/alcohol use and the usual stresses of life produce mental problems.

Addiction is the human norm and coping with stress is usually solved by continuing drug/alcohol use. I overeat on foodstuffs to help me have stress relief and I am sorting out my mental problems while remaining sober and making progress in my life. My statements are not a new knowledge, but many times in emotional pain of drug/alcohol crises, people are willing forget this reality.

Louise Sargent


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