To The Daily Sun,

To quote from my letter of May 29, 2021, which was written in late April, " The planned withdrawal of all U.S. and European troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021 will probably allow the Taliban to reconquer Afghanistan and ... establish terrorist organizations devoted to attacking the United States." We lost almost 2,400 Americans killed, and spent over $2 trillion in Afghanistan during the past 20 years.

The Taliban and their allied Muslim terrorist organizations have a vast base of operations to plan and support terrorist attacks against the world. They now have the economic base of an entire country to finance their terrorist plots and activities, and the terrorists have acquired large amounts of military equipment we furnished to the Afghan military.

We have outfitted an enemy with our military equipment they can use against us. Although Afghanistan is geographically isolated from us, it borders Iran to the west, and I am sure Iran will be acquiring some of our modern military equipment from Afghanistan for future use.

We should have disabling software in the computer modules in the equipment we provide foreign countries so we can electronically disable the equipment if it falls into adversarial hands.

As soon as our diplomats, other U.S. citizens and our military are out of Afghanistan, we should inform the Taliban we are prepared to launch a pinpointed missile campaign and special operations against specific personnel and structures to thwart any Taliban attacks against the United States.

Donald Moskowitz


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Alan Moon

Hi there Hussein Muhammed, where did you get that Humvee? At Traitor Joe's!

Alan Moon

Here we have Tough Joe Biden, who wants to take away our guns and calls American gun owners 'domestic terrorists', Giving away many thousands of M16 and M4 machine guns to the Taliban. Come on democrats, tell us how that is a good thing.

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