To The Daily Sun,

This week is the third Democratic debate and as we approach the primary, this is the time when a lot of voters start to tune in to see who they should support. I felt compelled to write an open letter, asking you don’t write off Andrew Yang as the best choice for the Democratic nominee.

It was a couple months ago when I first heard of the Asian man who wants to give every American adult $1,000 a month. My immediate reaction was, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It wasn’t because I think universal basic income is a bad idea. I do think it’s worth looking into, I just figured it wasn’t something that would gain any serious attention in the United States.

It was a month ago that I came across a more liberal article describing Yang as a weirdo that piqued my interest. The article said he had a lot of positive support online, but the support was probably all fake “Trump trolls,” trying to ruin the Democratic primary. The article also suggested he is a white supremacist, which immediately made me raise my eyebrows because, well, he’s not white! This made me decide to look him up on youtube. I clicked the first video, a two hour long podcast with Joe Rogan. I thought no way can I sit and listen to any politician for two hours.

Two hours later and I was picking my jaw up off the floor. My first impressions were wow this guy is actually answering the questions, so straight forward! He is blunt and doesn’t sugarcoat the truth, which I appreciate. He has this ability to explain his ideas in a way I understand. Even when challenged with tough questions, not once did he become defensive. It’s obvious he is intelligent in a logical way, but listening to him, you can see he has a high emotional intelligence as well.

I started to think more and more about the Freedom Dividend and I realize, it’s not a dumb idea at all. Some may immediately think of it as a hand out, but in reality it’s a hand UP to all Americans.

All I ask, is give him a chance and hear him out before you decide he couldn’t possibly be the best choice. Look him up on youtube and watch his longer interviews and I am willing to bet you’ll walk away impressed.

Kia Sinclair


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