To The Daily Sun,

There will be 33 choices on the Democratic ballot on Tuesday. It looks like all the usual suspects will be there, along with some who have already dropped out and a large list of people I have never heard of at all!

If you look between Yang and Biden on your ballot, you will find Michael Bennet, a two-term senator from Colorado who has been in New Hampshire and has held 47 town hall meetings. Colorado and New Hampshire voters are very similar, as purplish states fairly evenly divided between parties and independents. Michael Bennet has won his state twice and could get a lot of national recognition if he does well here in New Hampshire.

Famed strategist James Carville has endorsed Michael because he knows that “he will be the end of Trumpism.” He said, if Michael’s the nominee, he will get 55% of the vote and win us 55 senate seats.

Over half of primary voters are still undecided. A vote for Michael would allow a national audience to see and hear his plans, which are realistic and doable in a short time frame.

The DNC continues to undercut the nomination process with arbitrary rules that favor billionaires while forcing many candidates out of the race. The debate stage could devolve into bickering between politically extreme candidates who don’t stand a chance against Trump and billionaires who bought their spot, instead of staunch Democrats with a proven track record, who offer real policies that the majority of Americans support and the experience to get them done.

Michael is having a town hall meeting in Plymouth on Sunday afternoon, so you could meet him and hear his ideas. On Tuesday, you could give the primary a breath of fresh air and put a check mark in the box next to Michael’s name — it will be right there between Andrew Yang and Joe Biden.

We have the ability to truly lead the nation forward, starting on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

There is one more option on the ballot, line 34, a write-in vote. May I suggest my cat, “Spike”.

Stephen C. Bobotas


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