To The Daily Sun,

Well the first Democratic debates have started and right out of the starting gate all 20-plus candidates are trying to give away more “free stuff” to potential voters. Do any of them realize that in 2018 the federal government had a $779 billion deficit? (

I know I sound like a broken record but so does the left with their continuous propaganda that the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes. The truth is that the top 12 percent of wage earners are paying more in taxes than the other 88 percent combined. If you don’t believe that do your own research. I have included multiple links to where you can find the data in other letters. To save time I’ll refer you to a previous letter ( which showed that top 12 percent of wage earners paid 74 percent of the total income taxes collected. Using the $1,684 billion collected in income taxes in 2018 from the first link above, that means the rich paid $1,246 billion and the other 88 percent paid the balance of $438 billion. Of the $1,171 billion collected in payroll taxes I already calculated that the rich paid $296 billion in my previous letter so the remaining 88 percent paid the balance of $875 billion. Combining the two, the rich paid $1,246 + $296 = $1,542 billion and the rest of the tax payers paid $438 + $875 = $1,313 billion.

It absolutely frustrates me when Bernie Sanders and other Democratic candidates repeatedly and emphatically claim the rich don’t pay their fair share. It is a myth peddled by the left to divide this country by rich and poor and set one side against the other. And it’s working!

Currently, 37 percent of working-age Americans don’t work according to the Bureau of Labor statistics (, There are plenty of reasons why, some are valid and others are not. Of those that do work, the bottom 43.8 percent of wage earners pay only 1.4 percent of all income taxes ( Doing the simple math 37 percent + 63 percent X 43.8 percent = 64.5 percent of voter age Americans contribute only a small portion of what it takes to run this country from a financial stand point. Yet they make up approximately two-thirds of the voters. The Democratic Party has tapped into that group and convinced them that it’s just not fair!

I have said before that I majored in engineering in college but minored in philosophy. The former just paid better. One philosophy lesson I found fascinating was the eight phases of the rise and fall of a civilization. Here is a link ( The eight phases are “From bondage to spiritual growth,” “From spiritual growth to great courage,” “From courage to liberty,” “From liberty to abundance,” “From abundance to complacency,” “From complacency to apathy,” “From apathy to dependence,” and finally “From dependence back to bondage.”

I know many would disagree with me that we are in the “dependence” phase but I would argue that point based on my numbers above. Also, you can do your own research and I don’t think you will find any reputable articles where the percentage of Americans receiving government subsidies is far from 50 percent.

Quoting the eighth stage from the link above “From dependence back to bondage: As dependence increases, so does centralized power. Dependent people tend to become increasingly dysfunctional and desperate. Seeking a savior, they look to strong central leadership. But centralized power corrupts, and tends to usher in increasing intrusion by centralized power. Injustice and intrusion multiply, but those in bondage know of no other solutions. Family and personal virtue (essential ingredients for any civilization) are now effectively replaced by an increasingly dark and despotic centralized control, hungry for more and more power. In this way, the civilization is gradually ended, because people in bondage no longer have the virtues necessary to fight.”

It’s a bit melodramatic but there is truth in what’s said. I’ll close this letter by stating the purpose. First, it’s to dispel the left’s claim the rich don’t pay their fair share. It’s just another lie the left peddles to gain votes. Second is to ask why half the country feels it’s okay to be dependent on others. I would compare it to alcoholism or drug abuse. It’s a habit that is self-destructive that people can’t break until they admit it’s a problem and get help. Help overcoming dependency is available all around us with job opportunities. It’s up to those taking advantage of the system to take them.

Bruce Jenket


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