To The Daily Sun,

Considering the promises, the last Democrat Presidential Primary debates should have been in Disney’s Fantasyland. No entity in American history has been more harmful to poor and middle-income, especially black, Americans than Democrats.

Democrats supported slavery, created the KKK and protected it, made former KKK leaders honored Congressional leaders, passed and enforced Jim Crow laws and segregation, President Wilson re-segregated government employment, passed minimum wage and the Davis-Bacon acts to reduce black work opportunities, and set dogs on peaceful civil-rights protestors. Democrats opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. Democrats opposed Republican President Eisenhower’s Civil Rights Act of 1957, and a smaller percent of Democrats than Republicans voted for the Civil Rights and Voting Acts of the 1960s.

Democrat Welfare laws have destroyed poor, and especially black, families. Out-of-wedlock births have skyrocketed from 5% overall and 25% in the black community in the 1960s to over 40% overall, and almost 80% in the black community. Children in households without fathers are often poor and prone to problems.

Democrats do little to nothing to help poor and middle-income people prosper so they can earn the money they need to support themselves and their family, live as they want, put their children through college, save for retirement, and have pride in their own accomplishments.

Education is key to success, but public education, which is Democrat-controlled, fails millions of students annually despite continuous funding (by increased taxes) increases. E.g., Baltimore had 13 high schools (2017) without a single student doing math at grade level (! A private business with such a track record would be bankrupt, but Democrats protect failing schools.

Democrats fight efforts to allow school competition/choice so students can escape failing and dangerous schools. Democrats sacrifice the lives of students for teachers’ union contributions.

Democrat policies drive businesses out of cities. This reduces good job availability without costly commutes and extra hours away from families.

Democrat open borders and high immigration policies provides higher profits and cheap labor for their rich donors, but harms (with job competition, lower wages, crime, drugs, increased housing costs, degraded schools, burdened hospitals, etc.) poor and middle-income Americans.

Democrat support of unions benefit Democrat politicians, union officials, and some union members, but most workers and taxpayers suffer from lost jobs, higher taxes, and higher cost of living.

Future letters will address other Democrat promises. What Democrats deliver for poor and middle-income Americans are revealed by Democrat-run cities; they are characterized by crime, drugs, high taxes, and a huge income gap between the rich and poor.

Don Ewing


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