To The Daily Sun,

As we enter on the road to the White House, all ‘hell’ has broke loose in the Democrat party. What are Senators Shaheen and Hassan, Reps. Kuster and Pappas positions on the push toward a socialist/communist government by leaders of the Democrat Party?

Here is a list of proposals from the Democrats:

— No nuclear energy, no nuclear ships in the Navy (1961 was the first).

— Get rid of (farting) cows (All animals fart).

— Abolish ICE.

— Defund Homeland Security, TSA, Secret Service, Coast Guard And FEMA.

— No longer support Israel.

— Rebuild every building in the USA.

— Ban the wearing of MAGA hats and boycott Starbucks.

— Make infanticide legal (kill babies).

— 70 to 90 percent tax rate on income/assets.

— Open borders

— Medicare for all (universal health care).

— Free college.

— Pay people who are unwilling to work.

— Abolish the Electoral College.

— Confiscate all guns.

— Abolish air travel; does this include the Air Force?

Fact, leaders of the Democrat party have made all of the above ideas/proposals. Are these ideas/proposals the start of a new Constitution for the USA?

You want to laugh, except the Democrat Party is serious in the implementation of these ideas/proposals. I watched Rep. Kuster ‘s reaction to the SOTU and in my opinion; she is for all of the above.

Jim Mayotte


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