To The Daily Sun,

From all that we’re hearing one would believe that Democrats have moved from their traditional tax and spend philosophy to one of “We hate to spend money.” Hours after reclaiming the gavel newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized the president's wall plan as "a waste of money".

Hmmm .001 percent of the national budget to help preserve the sovereignty of our country is too much money?

N.H.’s Democrat Senators; Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan typically follow Chuck and Nancy’s edicts as do most all DC Democrats: They’re all Tax & Spenders — seemingly for anything — that is, until it comes to spending money to keep us safe. Democrats own this border chaos.

Democrats love taxes. Locally we see Democrat Rep. Susan Almy, incoming chair of N.H.’s House Ways and Means Committee suggesting the rate of New Hampshire’s business profits tax (BPT) rise from recent Republican-led BPT tax reductions. Her desire to increase taxes comes despite the fact, so far this fiscal year, these recently reduced N.H. business tax rates have brought in 23.2 percent more revenue than during the same months last year. BPT revenues alone, accounted for $137.4 million, a 17.5 percent increase!

These proposed increases will re-position New Hampshire from having the second-lowest corporate tax rate in New England to the second-highest (based on Tax Foundation rankings).

David Juvet, Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire senior vice president of public policy, said the state’s business tax rates “are among the highest in the country” and raising them would be a message to all businesses “that you can’t trust the (N.H. Legislature when they say they will modestly decreases taxes to not just freeze that decrease but reverse course. That is a terrible message.”

Yep a terrible message…Relocate or start your new business in New Hampshire and we’ll impose some of the highest taxes in New England and the entire country on you.

New Hampshire apparently doesn’t need any more businesses growth or more jobs. I guess that’s okay with all you Democrat voters out there. Right?

Tax and spend. Just raise taxes if we want more. Oh, but don’t spend money on barriers on America's southern border… that’s way too wasteful.

Good grief!

Dave Rivers


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You have drank the Wall Koolaid!



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