To The Daily Sun,

We just a vivid reminder of what stock market crashes look like and feel like this week. It's like watching an avalanche in slow motion, unable to do anything to stop it as wealth and financial security melt away like butter on hot fry pan. Here's your FORTUNE COOKIE seeing YOUR future.

After 40 plus years of business management, business ownership , business consulting, and active investment in the equity markets, bond markets and commodity futures markets I can tell you the following with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAINTY. I am so certain of this forecast I am willing to wager anyone who believes the contrary to it and give them odds. A neutral attorney can hold all the bets.

The FIRST SNIFF the equity markets believe Democrats are coming back in power at the White House is going to cause an instant REPLAY of the the stock market crash we all witnessed a decade ago. That caused WHOLESALE PANIC, not just in America but globally. The Dow Jones average is headed to drop 30 to 50 percent within a few short weeks, AGAIN. Panic-selling only drives more panic-selling until the streets flow with your blood.

Tens of trillions in wealth is going to vaporize in an instant again when investors see the whites of the Democrat's eyes returning. Retirement accounts are going to be the first SLAUGHTERED. 401K's and pension assets values could be HALVED in value. America holds the vast preponderance of its pension investments in STOCKS. They have to in order to guarantee the 6 percent returns required to fund pensions. That money MUST BE tethered to stocks in large part. Lower returns would force higher employee deductions from every paycheck.

With the BURNING HATE and ANGER Democrats hold for Trump, and the love they still hold for Obama it is certain their first priority is to REVIVE "OBAMANOMICS."  — no matter the high unemployment and horrible GDP output numbers it produced. This plays like a swan song to Democrats heavily, government-dependent, voter base, Profits are going to be EVIL again, with business interests THREATENED in every way possible exactly like there were for EIGHT, LONG YEARS during Obama's economically-failed presidency.

Nothing has changed. There is NOTHING good for business interests with the return of Democrats back to power. That's why my forecast is 100 percent accurate. Investment is going to dry up. Business confidence is going back to ZERO. All in the backdrop of hundreds of billions more in government hand outs via the thousands of programs that that define the socialism Democrats now wraps themselves in. Nothing is more kryptonite to a flourishing business climate like Trump has produced than an agenda steeped in anti-capitalism. If you want your pension shredded and your financial security shredded, VOTE DEMOCRAT!

Tony Boutin


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Inflation is up 2.9% over the last year. We get weekly mini crashes due to Trump economy. The federal deficit increased 32% under Trump and there is no war or market crash. Tariffs are NOT capitalism and are hurting Americans. The last three huge market crashes were all under GOP administrations. Get real, Tony

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