To The Daily Sun,

Democrats today have the same trouble with the “we hate the rich you should too” argument they did when “money bags” Hillary was their candidate. She had more millions in campaign contributions in 2016 from the billionaire class than Trump, who is one. Unlike straight talking horse “Mr. Ed,” it seems Mr. Donkey (and Mrs. donkey) does Ed one better. They talk out of BOTH sides of theirs.

I can tell you who the economy IS working for. It’s Joe Biden. After leaving his job as yes man, Tonto, for Obama, Joe’s been collecting speaking engagement fees at a pace and price that yell Hillary’s living in his trousers and the one guiding his bank account to a pirates treasure chest. Biden joins Sanders, Warren and even Harris in the millionaire class. I have to presume they all HATE THEMSELVES for accumulating so much wealth.

If your going to run with an EQUALITY theme stuck up your backside why is your life BETTER FOR OTHERS? Government accepts gift checks gladly 24/7.What's stopping them? GREED?

These selfish, self dealing, Democrats are accumulating wealth 100 times faster than ordinary Americans and 1,000 times faster than the bottom rungs. It’s like saying I really hate fat people. Then we look at whose talking and all these hypocrites weigh 500 pounds each. Almost all the weight SUCKED from ordinary TAXPAYERS pockets and BUSINESS interests which they have the brass pool balls to demonize for their GREED?

The Democratic hypocrite-comedy show NEVER ENDS. Joe Biden and the rest all want to be SANTA with everyone else’s wealth BUT THEIRS. It’s the absolute PINNACLE of HUMAN HYPOCRISY.

These idiots all claim minorities have been left behind under Trump. REALLY? The current unemployment rate for blacks is just 6.2 percent. Only 2.9 percent higher than whites. It ran 4.6 percent higher than whites for most of the past 25 years. Since Trump’s election the unemployment rate for blacks has fallen TWICE as much as whites. Nearly one million more blacks and two million more Hispanics are NOW EMPLOYED than the day Obama left office. MINORITIES account for more than half of all jobs created since Trump took office. Unemployment for black women has hovered near 5 percent for the last six months. That would be the lowest unemployment rate for black females in 50 YEARS. Even people with only high school diplomas have done well under Trump. Just 3.5 percent of them are unemployed — a decade's low.

Average hourly earnings for those working in manufacturing have grown at a rate 40 percent faster under Trump than Obama. Wage acceleration for people working in construction, retail, mining and transportation have experienced wage growth at up to 300 percent faster than under Obama.

If Trump’s economy is leaving minorities and the bottom-half behind Barack Obama flogged them into TOTAL OBLIVION for 8 long years with his SNAIL. Where the hell was loud mouth, Cory Booker’s screams or Warren's or Sander's, about that FAILURE to lead? Their refusal and HONESTY to call out Obama’s FAILURE is how we GOT TRUMP. You can thank thumb sucking, SILENT, race-baiting, politically correct democrats for Trump’s ascendance to the top job. No one else.

You only LIE at this level if you’re a DEMOCRAT running for president and, your goal is to PO as many blacks and minorities toward whites and Trump as possible because you can’t win without playing the HATE CARD and RACE CARD.

Is this stuff over your head?. If it is, your the one waiting for SANTA’s SLEIGH to arrive, pulled by 10,000 lying donkeys.

Tony Boutin


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