To The Daily Sun,
When are we going to stand up and say enough is enough? When and how did we so quickly lose our freedoms?  How many more freedoms are we going to give up?
Now they want a THIRD shot? Now they say the vaccine doesn't work against this new so-called variant, so even vaccinated people need a mask now. Give me a break! This crap will end when we all stand up and say no more!
This is America, we should be allowed to decide for ourselves if we want a vaccine, wear a mask, stay home, etc. It's all a bunch of nonsense. At this point I’d say let it ride. I’ll be damned if I’m going to lock down again. It's just another way to control us. They want us to take a vaccine that hasn't even been tested enough. It takes years to develop a safe, effective vaccine. I'm not saying this isn't something to worry about, but we don't have all these restrictions for the flu, the common cold, etc, and those illnesses kill people as well.
Just because you could die in a car accident, do you not drive? Take the normal precautions you would with any other transmissible disease. When do we decide quality of life outweighs the risks? I don't even know what to believe anymore because we aren't even being told the truth about what's really going on with this pandemic, nor the truth about any current events for that matter.
However people believe every word the news says. They only tell us what they want us to hear. Turn off the TV, just live your life, and stand up and say no more to this BS, and it will come to an end. Wear your mask if you want but just don’t suffocate. 
Dee Morrissette

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You don't have a freedom to be a danger to the health of others and the public order. People who think they have the Freedom to sicken people are the main reason why the pandemic continues. Antimaskers and antivaxxers and those that oppose public health initiatives are the biggest offenders of the pandemic


What to say to someone who sounds as ignorant and ill-informed as you.

I don't know any health professional, medical expert or epidemiologist dealing with infectious diseases that are not promoting vaccines and wearing face mask.

My concern with someone who doesn't know what they are talking about or care about anyone other than themselves, like you; it the young children or other people you will infect with COVID.

Now, thanks to imbeciles like yourself, we have COVID spreading in all parts of the country infecting and hospitalizing children and adults due to the Delta variant more than ever before.

This pandemic is deadly and not like the flu, it's now become the pandemic of the unvaccinated.


Your personal freedoms such as the right to life end where others' rights begin.


You seem not to understand the seriousness of this pandemic. I wonder where you get your science info. It's not going away precisely because of people that won't take it seriously. Denial can be fatal. Antimaskers who raged against masks die by the hundreds every day. You don't have the Freedom to walk about and infect others, showering them with millions of viruses


I understand if you missed this stuff in science class, for some reason. But, that's no reason to put the rest of us at risk! How many innocent people have to pay for your ignorance with their lives?


Risk of breakthrough infections remains very rare, 3 studies find


What else can one say to someone who sounds like a total idiot, and who takes pride in their ignorance.

I recently saw a someone talking about his wife who died of stage 4 breast cancer, because she couldn't get treated in the hospital when needed due to overflowing COVID cases, of mostly unvaccinated.

Why is that people like you, don't accept what the doctors and medical professionals say about the need for the vaccine, but when you get sick with COVID, the first place you run to, is the hospital?

This is now turning into the pandemic of the unvaccinated, thanks to nitwits like you.

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