To The Daily Sun,

This is a letter of support for Phil Spagnuolo for State Senate from District 7; it is based on Mr. Spagnuolo quality as a human being and his work in the community. I have known Mr. Spagnuolo for six years and have always known him to be an upstanding person and have witnessed his compassion for less fortunate people.

During the six years I have known him, Mr. Spagnuolo founded a nonprofit recovery center (Navigating Recovery in Laconia), opened multiple affordable sober houses, and worked with addicts first-hand as an addiction recovery coach. Mr. Spagnuolo did not wait for Concord to act on the crisis of addiction, he took matters into his own hands and took on the Oxycotin and heroin addiction issues in District 7 and in N.H. in general at a personal level by guiding people on their personal recovery journeys. That is the level of attention and care that I believe we should have in a state senator. Phil is someone who will always show up for people in need, especially when the times are tough.

It is no secret that Mr. Spagnuolo had his own struggles with addiction in the past, and I believe that is a great positive to have someone who understands the ins and outs of the recovery process crafting legislation. I watched as he rolled up his sleeves, gathered information, used his personal and professional experience to work across party lines to develop solutions to addiction issues in both drugs and alcohol. Mr. Spagnuolo has helped less fortunate people address their addiction problems and helped them to develop a sustainable life which allowed them to become contributing members of society.

I would be proud to be represented in the State Senate by someone who is not afraid to put partisan politics aside and work together with others to tackle the issues that are truly affecting people in this district. Please vote for Phil Spagnuolo on November 3.

Dean Anson


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