To The Daily Sun,

I am very saddened by the proposed demolition of the symbol of my early education and faith formation. I have thought about why this should be so upsetting and have come to realize it is not the loss of the building as much as what it means to many of us.

Having grown up here and being taught to be proud of our Irish heritage and somehow learning to feel the Irish may have been “less than” the French Catholics, it feels like the Irish who built St. Joseph’s are again being diminished. The new pastor is French, attended the Sacred Heart school and has named the consolidated parishes for a French Saint.

Maybe choosing a parish name that did not appear to favor one heritage over another would have made the demolition of the Irish church less contentious or heartbreaking. 

I wonder how the decision of which church to demolish came about, since St. Joseph’s has better parking, a nicer rectory on the historic register and functioning school. Did the pastor make the decision based on his experiences as a youth?

Donna Merkwan, PhD


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