To The Daily Sun,

Well, as one of my friends likes to say: when you plant a potato, you get a potato. Biden is no exception. He told everybody what he was going to do if elected, and he’s following through. Appoint radicals to government positions: check. Pass partisan far-left legislation: check. Pass pork-laden $1.9 trillion “COVID” relief: check. Cancel Keystone XL pipeline: check. Open our borders to illegal immigrants: check. Rejoin WHO and Paris Climate Accord: check. Allow boys to play girls sports: check. Allow public schools to teach critical race theory: check. Increase gasoline and other fossil fuel prices: check. So this is what you Biden voters wanted? This is the so-called return to sanity? This is what you wanted instead of Trump? Thanks for nothing. The only upside is you Biden supporters are going to suffer as much as Trump supporters. You bought Biden, you own him. A small consolation. A couple of questions: how does any of this make our lives better? Are you happy paying 60 cents a gallon more for gas? I’m sure I’ll have the answers soon from one of the many Trump haters that write in to the LDS. Can’t wait.

Chuck McGee


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