To The Daily Sun,

As incompetent as Joe Biden’s recent performance has been, his potential replacements are even less palatable. After him, you have (in this order): Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Patrick Leahy.

None could lead a horse to water. All Democrats. All liberal politicians who’ve never had real jobs (other than continuing to get elected) or any real-world experience. All have been in politics their entire lives.

How could this have happened, you ask? Thank the Main Stream Media (MSM). They pummeled Trump for anything and everything, while hiding significant stories about Joe Biden’s past and his family’s corruption. There was plenty to tell, but the MSM told Joe to hide in his basement until they destroyed Trump. And slightly over half of America supposedly bought it.

Here’s the real question: who is running America now? Who is making decisions? Unlikely Biden. So who?

Under our American system, we can fix mistakes at the ballot box. Biden may, or may not, be around for another three-plus years, but Pappas, Kuster, and Hassan can all be replaced after next year. Unless you’re happy about the current mess, they should all be voted out. They all support the progressive (socialist) Biden/Democrat agenda. This is a fact. Look at their voting records. We can do better than these three.

Your choice.

Chuck McGee


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Alan Moon

We used to have a Soap box to speak our minds but that isn't guaranteed anymore because if you have the wrong point of view, you get banned. We have the ballot box that has been hacked and abused by unethical election officials. Oh well, at least we still have the Cartridge Box.

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