To The Daily Sun,

Amidst all the hysteria over the Chinese virus, the New Hampshire DHHS reports that (as of this writing) New Hampshire has seen 6,295 cases. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that New Hampshire is presently populated by an estimated 1,359,711 souls. On that basis, the odds of being infected in all the State of New Hampshire are 1 chance in 216.

But, if you don’t live in Rockingham or Hillsborough counties but, rather, in Belknap County, whose population the U.S. Census estimates presently at 61,303 — and the NH DHHS estimates incurred only 97 CoVID cases—the odds of being infected are a mere 1 in 632.

Of even greater note, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), just this week, released data ( reporting that the Chinese virus is 50 TIMES less likely to be transmitted by “non-household contacts.” Accordingly, by adding that factor to the already slim odds of being infected in Belknap County, the chance of catching this virus while out and about — say, shopping at Market Basket — is only 1 chance 31,599.

So, tell me again why it is that we have obliterated the livelihoods of nearly 100,000 New Hampshire workers in the face of such minimal threat? Meanwhile, 50,000 Americans wait to be slaughtered on the highways this year, and who knows how many tens of thousands of Americans will perish from the approaching seasonal flu. Has Gauleiter Sununu chosen to close the roads to these vehicular instruments of death? Will we again, as is the ordinary practice, be locking down our country to prevent another viral holocaust from seasonal flu? Oh, yea, now I remember: we’ve never done either of these things. No one in their right mind ever even suggested it in the past. What has now caused Americans and America’s leaders to lose their minds?

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Have we renounced the God of the Word for the God of the World? There’s one “L” of a difference!

Chalres Gravenhorst


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Personally I think publishing this letter writer's guestimate of the odds of contracting Covid 19 in Belknap County as though it was fact is a bit irresponsible. The use of the term Chinese virus and the word Gauleiter clearly indicate that the letter is politically, rather than scientifically motivated. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even when they're wrong but publishing the headline "Odds of contracting Covid out and about in Belknap Co. are 1 in 32k" might lead people to believe that the author of this letter knows what he's talking about. Perhaps the odds of contracting Covi19 while out and about in Belknap County are low precisely because of the responsible behavior of wearing masks and staying home. Perhaps the behavior the writer tries to paint as insanity is the only reason it is so safe to live here. And perhaps, if we were to adopt the writer's suggestion of ignoring the virus and were to go back to business as usual as though the virus did not exist, we might find ourselves in the same situation as Florida, Texas and Arizona where they listened to those who agree with Mr. Gravenhorst and paid a very high price for it.

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