To The Daily Sun,

I have three issues to discuss:

I. Masking children

II. Vaccination of children

III. Critical race theory parading as diversity, equity, and inclusion, according to U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

If all the teachers are vaccinated, then the children do not need to be subjected to the long-term risk of inoculation, especially in view of the fact that science can provide us no data concerning the long-term adverse effects of the COVID-19 shot. The science tells us that children do not transmit the virus, and, if infected, suffer only a mild case. Their survival rate for COVID-19 is 99.5%, better than the seasonal flu.

So, Superintendent Tucker, can you tell us what percentage of teachers have been vaccinated? Interestingly enough, Dr. Fauci, the father of COVID-19, told a Senate Committee recently that only 50 percent of the bureaucrats working for the CDC have been inoculated.

Our educational institutions expect parents to accept that masking children eight hours per day has no immediate or long-term cognitive effects on the function of their brain!

With the current war on free speech, I do not know if you are allowed to read or remember the fairy tale known as the “Pied Piper of Hamelin.” He befriended the citizens of the town when he used his flute to entice all the rats in town to follow him down to the river and drown. He was a hero! Then in the middle of the night, he worked his magic on the children of Hamelin and stole them from their parents.

With a little courage, this School Board could use its common sense to save our children by freeing them from their masks and returning them to educational activities.

Secretary of Education Edelbluth told NH the following:

“However, for those who promote critical race theory or similar concepts (think diversity, equity and inclusion), they are not built on a foundation of common sense but on ideology diametrically opposed to the truths found in our Declaration of Independence that we are all created equal!

“Of course, it is CRT that would distort our history, limit our speech through its cancel culture and divide us up by immutable characteristics, ignoring the inherent humanity of each individual ... all of us should continue to believe in the dream Dr. Martin Luther King gave us that one day our children live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

I strongly urge the School Board and the superintendent to do the following:

I. A curriculum review of all grades of the history, civics and social studies courses to exterminate CRT from the curriculum.

II. A public presentation at the Colonial Theatre of the teacher training that occurred on January 20, 2021 entitled: “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” as well as the transgenderism training that occurred at the same time. Helen Lounsbury, Chairperson of the School Board, has stated in The Daily Sun that she supports a public presentation.

Charles H. Bradley III


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Michael Breen Ph.D.

Nice letter Charlie. A little common sense goes a long way.... perhaps it may someday influence the Laconia School Board.


Figures you too are buddies. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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