To The Daily Sun,
Ever wonder how you know what you know? Certainly, none of us are all knowing so we have to “learn” what we know. Learning doesn’t stop with a high school diploma, college degree or even PHD. We read books, get out and experience life, talk to family and friends, etc. But when it comes to politics and world news most of us rely on the media. You can “attend” the University of CNN with professors Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Brian Stelter, etc. Or maybe you prefer the College of MSNBC with professors Mika Brzezinski, Rachel Maddow, Jim Acosta, etc. Or how about the Institute of FOX with professors Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, etc.
Obviously, none of the above are institutions of higher learning. If they were, they would all be “teaching” the same thing. The other give away is that none of the above ask you to research and do any critical thinking. Instead, they “report” only what supports their network’s political narrative. The more egregious networks even make up stories with no basis in fact. And how do you know which outlets are unreliable? Simple, watch the other network for a month and do your own research and critical thinking.
This country is at a tipping point and it’s not because of who’s in the White House, but rather what’s being reported by the media or in many cases what’s NOT being reported by the media. The University or CNN and MSNBC spent the last 4 years spinning a Russian collusion hoax based on a false Steel dossier into a crime. Now they are spinning the business deals between the Biden family with China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others as a smear campaign.
The media’s job is to inform their viewers about current events. Fox news reported actual e-mails from Hunter Biden’s personal laptop and interviewed Tony Bobulinski, the CEO of the business venture set up between the Biden family and China. The U.S. Senate confirmed what Fox reported with an independent referral to the FBI.
At the same time, the left-leaning media published a letter from 50 former intelligence officers stating it “looks” like Russia disinformation. It included John Brennan and James Clapper, both of whom pushed the disproven Russian collusion hoax and are now paid political contributors for MSNBC and CNN. John Brennan was president Obama’s CIA director and the head of this country’s propaganda detection and distribution agency. Looks like he’s putting this “talent” to use at MSNBC.
I’ll close with an opinion. News personalities today are little more than highly paid actors and actresses. They are given a script and feign outrage, compassion, distain, anger, distrust or whatever other emotion is required to connect with their target audience. And it’s working. As Abraham Lincoln reportedly said “You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Which are you?
Bruce Jenket

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Always a good laugh Juicy Bruciey

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