To The Daily Sun,

Do you believe rhetoric or results? It’s a question that everyone voting in the 2020 presidential election should ask themselves. There are two choices and they couldn’t be farther apart. I’ve spent the last three years researching “results” and writing letters to pass on what I’ve found. Conclusion: The media was embarrassed when their efforts to convince the American public to elect Hillary Clinton as the 45th president failed. Instead of analyzing why Donald Trump won they started a nonstop smear campaign to ensure he doesn’t win again in 2020.

Let’s start with the Russia collusion hoax. We had two years of Adam Schiff claiming he had irrefutable evidence of collusion and a media promoting that narrative. When the Mueller report was done, they had indicted Russians for election interference and Trump operatives for process crimes but no links between the two. Still those that believed (and still believe) the “rhetoric” think president Trump is a Russian operative. Those that read the “results” believe the investigation was a hoax.

Next came the failed impeachment by Democrats, based on an “anonymous” whistle blower. The accusation was the president Trump bribed the current Ukrainian president to investigate former VP Biden for bribing the former Ukrainian president. Again, they failed to present any evidence but that didn’t matter because “accusations” are “convictions” in the new Democratic Party.

When the impeachment ended, Covid-19 hit. At first the media and Democrats mocked the president for taking early action and closing travel to and from China and later Europe. As the pandemic grew, they flipped and called it the “Trump” virus and blamed him for not acting early enough. Which do you believe? They now focus on infections rather than death rates. Why because the USA has one of the lowest death rates among developed countries because of president Trump and VP Pence’s task force efforts. The “results” support that but the “rhetoric” from the Democratic media doesn’t.

Now as the Covid-19 cases are declining and the economy is recovering, the new crisis is the rioting, looting and destruction in major U.S. cities. “Systemic racism” caused by president Trump is the “rhetoric” by the fake news. These cities have been controlled by Democrats for decades and the perpetrators are members of Antifa and BLM — not exactly Trump supporters! The civil unrest in this country is the direct “result” of Democratic mayors and governor’s tolerance of crime and lack of support for law enforcement.

All of the above crisis has one thing in common besides being false allegations. They take the focus off the real objective which is the control of power. The Democrats and media are now one and the same. We are morphing into a country similar to Russia and China, where the middle class will be taxed out of existence and later told it was for their own good. This November will determine if we are a nation manipulated by rhetoric or driven by results. It’s our choice!

Bruce Jenket


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