To The Daily Sun,

Has anyone been following the Michael Flynn case in the news? It certainly caught my attention because I was never convinced that anyone in the Trump administration colluded with Russia. Why? Because no evidence was ever presented. Let me say that again because it is the foundation of the Russia collusion hoax that has been perpetrated by CNN and other left-leaning media outlets. “NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA BY THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WAS EVER PRESENTED!”

It absolutely baffles me how the media and nearly half of the American public can just ignore that. I will repeat what I have said before, “Ignore is the root of ignorance”. Also, “Know is the root of knowledge”. So, now that we “know” there was no collusion why do people continue “ignore” it? The answer is because people are “taught” what to believe.

I could write a 5000-word dissertation on why people believe what they believe but will condense it down to this one example. The American Civil War. The south was “taught” that slavery was acceptable and the north was “taught” that slavery was immoral. Between 640,000 and 700,000 American citizens died as a result of what they “believed.” So, how were they taught? By the media and other “believers.”

Ironically, Southerners were primarily Democrats and the north Republicans. Today, Democrats believe collusion happened and Republicans don’t. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

When I step back and analyze the two possibilities of what is happening in this country it boils down to the Trump administration is corrupt or the Democratic party and left-leaning media are corrupt. How can we “know” which? Simple, follow the facts. Here are a few to make my point.

Andrew McCabe was fired for “lack of candor” (i.e. lying under oath) about passing information to the media that was discovered by I.G. Horowitz during the Clinton e-mail investigation ( What happened to McCabe? He was hired Aug 2019 by CNN as a contributor. So, when General Flynn “lies” he should go to jail but when Deputy McCabe “lies” he’s hired by CNN. That should speak volumes to any thinking American.

Director Comey exonerates Hillary Clinton after she deleted 33,000 subpoenaed e-mails. In addition, he leaks a private conversation with president Trump that triggered the Mueller special council. The result was a two-year investigation into Russia collusion that resulted in zero charges of collusion by American citizens but several convictions for lying under oath. Where is James Comey now? $3 million richer according to Wikipedia for his book deal and now a law professor at Columbia University.

I’ll close with an opinion. The “hate” for president Trump has become akin to a religion for many. No amount of facts will change their “belief.” The foundation of the Civil War was the “belief” that slavery was acceptable. The foundation of the left-leaning media’s assault on president Trump is the “belief” he colluded with Russia. The Democrats and media were wrong then and they are now.

Bruce Jenket


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