To The Daily Sun,

Some Bristol residents seem to have gotten my point wrong in my letter to the editor last week, so I will simplify and clarify it for everyone to understand.

First, the editor of the paper selects the title not the writer of the letter. Second, in my letter last week I never once mentioned privatizing ambulance service in Bristol. Third, I have always held all the men and women at the Bristol Fire Department as professionals. They devote many hours of training and education to be certified. I personally know this because my wife is an Advanced EMT.

Simply put, my main point I was making last week had to do with conducting due diligence for the taxpayers of Bristol by reviewing cost and revenue for the services provided, as Laconia is now doing. In Bristol’s case, we provide Alexandria, Danbury and Hill 24/7/365 ambulance service at a far lower tax rate than Bristol taxpayers, yet they combined have more people and square miles to cover. Currently Bristol’s cost for ambulance service is $378,000 while the other three towns combined cost is $252,000. Plus, Bristol has been paying the lion share cost of the $160,000 ambulance along with other misc. costs.

I will concede the Bristol Selectboard has been trying to make some changes in this area. Here is one example. In December of 2017 they committed to extend a 12 month contract of $252,000 into a 15 month contract of $252,000. Most people would have done some simple math and taken the $252,000 divide by 12 then multiple by 15 to come up with the new 15 month contract cost of $315,000. The Bristol Selectboard must have thought it would be un-fair to charge Alexandria, Danbury and Hill the $315,000, so Bristol taxpayers got stuck with a $63,000 tariff for 2018.

John Sellers


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