To The Daily Sun,

It is truly very sad that the current president of the U.S. is experiencing such challenges for our country. Many previous writers have pointed out his inabilities, which are many both political and mental health lapses.

What is so troubling to me the most is the people that President Joe Biden surrounds himself with and the potential line of succession when he leaves office before his term ends. That is not a wish or prophesy, but a reality folks. I pray for my friends, children and grandchildren that they may survive his politics for the real consequences they will certainly endure due to this failed presidency, which are real.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is okay to assemble in peaceful opposition to this quest for power over us all. God bless all that are able to survive economically, spiritually and with common sense from this failed leader. So sad for Joe. Certainly there are nursing homes available to help him. I would be willing to help in Belknap County for him, if asked.

Brian Gallagher


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You sound like an IDIOT!

The only people preaching about Joe Biden's age or slowing down (which is false) are the imbeciles who supported the most incompetent, corrupt, guy with the orange spray tan who lied virtually every time he open his mouth.

Joe Biden is acting and doing what a real President does, and is working to clean up the mess left to him to improve this country.

Ask yourself why it is that January 6th insurrection and ransacking of our Capital building, is something the Republican Party with the exception of a few, are trying to act like it was no big deal.....disgraceful.


Hysterical from a hypocrite

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