To The Daily Sun,

First, I’m writing as an independent, so let’s not get into the Republican- Democrat thing! Hard not to do, I understand, but maybe a bit of logic here.

Now, as Vietnam veterans, we are aware Both Trump and Biden Had deferments, right? Four-five, or whatever! So both chose to rather not go where we went and do what we all did! Like Clinton and so many other brave politicians who stated they did, and got caught, not telling truth! Lying is a tough word for some of you winkies!

So, new we’re back to Trump or Biden! With Biden you get Harris; it's a fact that Joe won’t make four years! So back to Trump! He wins by LANDSLIDE! As most have been going with all along! If Queen Hillary couldn’t do it when considered a "shoe-in," even by me, then Joe might just as well campaign with Jane Fonda’this weekend!

Well, I’ve thus far contacted N.H. and National Office and didn’t get a "NO"!

So, Gung-Ho For Joe? I don’t think so ! Don’t know how many or what veterans you’re talking with but I’d be careful saying that and expecting to get a big “Ayup“! — my Marine grunt, I know WE seldom see eye-to-eye for whatever reason but my independent attitude tells me no matter all the political (can’t say that) differences out there in discussing this upcoming election, I have a funny feeling it’s TRUMP by a LANDSLIDE!

Bob “Doc” Jones


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"Doc" I don't know what medicine you've been taking, or if you are off your meds; but your rational is mindless and has no credibility; and I wouldn't trust your gut feeling.

It's obvious you have a biased or something dealing with women, "Queen" Hillary or Kamala Harris finishing out Biden's term; then you revert to Jane Fonda, it's 2020 not 1968; get with the program.

Donald Trump is a miserable incompetent fraud, tax cheat and failed businessman who lies as the day is long. You may not like Joe Biden, but his draft deferments were the result of a medical exam finding asthma, not a doctor paid off by a rich daddy stating "Bone Spurs".

I don't what makes you think Joe Biden won't finish out his term, even a simple eye test tells anyone he's in much better physical condition than Donald Trump, one would think a "Doc" and ex-Marine would even be able to distinguish that obvious fact.

You may claim you are an independent, but your letter indicates otherwise, and the only landslide coming is the continuation of the Blue Tidal Wave that hit in 2018!

Joe Biden is a man of decency and competence, something that Donald Trump clearly is not; and Joe Biden does one other thing that Donald Trump is incapable of doing, telling the truth.

Donald Trump's COVID-19 death count is over 206,000 dead Americans!


U are my online hero!

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