To The Daily Sun,

Lake Winnipesaukee is dying. To win in the fishing derby you need to fish in another lake. The constant building of luxury condos and displacing the working people to the streets has to stop. What have you got to offer the people who are buying these condos? Those people are not going to spend their money here and even though Meredith has some high end stores in Mill Falls it is not enough to keep the money in this area. What does Laconia have a downtown full of yard sale stores. Businesses are having to close like Dunkin' at 5 p.m. because there are no workers to run them. Another apartment building on Elm Street has given 30-day evictions to their working people. STOP THE LUXURY CONDOS. If someone wants to build a luxury condo then they will have to build affordable housing for the working class first and while you're at it entice new businesses to town. Make downtown a walking town by closing off the main street and the town would be inside a roundabout. The Catholic school sits vacant which could be made into affordable housing for the working poor. Stop wasting your time and votes on your friends they don't know how to run a business and a town is a business.

Bev Buker


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You Go, girl! Rampant Capitalism is destroying everything beautiful


the only reason you lived to see the day you could type something so ignorant was because people engaged in capitalism. Those condos, and the people who will fill them, are people who succeed. We need more of that, and less drug addled communist layabouts.

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