To The Daily Sun,

A Note on Beto O'Rourke: a quote in The Daily Sun on March 22 from Beto states that he believes immigration policies put "unimaginable cruelty and torture on our fellow human beings," and he called out policies that separated parents from children.

But on his website he states that he stands with Shaheen and other Democrats on late-term abortions. Why is he pro-choice — pro killing babies? An abortion kills a baby, and thereby separates the child from its mother in a more horrible and cruel, devastating and repulsive way than the immigration policy does. In a pro-choice land, choose life.

Life is precious.

Harry Mitchell


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Common Sense

No one who get's a late term abortion, which are very very rare, does so without a very good reason. You can't go into an abortion clinic up until your due date and say "suck this thing out of me, I'm a democrat!" Yet, if you listen to people like this letter writer, that's the story he wants you to believe. Why did you stop short of calling Beto a 'baby killer" in all caps?


Beto 2020!


Funny a friend went to his speech in Laconia and he NEVER mentioned this?! Why could that be....on Fox News site?!


Simple, he' s liberal - they contradict themselves all the time to get votes.

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