To The Daily Sun,

We are in the middle of a long, very politically hot summer. The hyper-partisan crap has been hitting the fan non-stop until now it's hard to take any of it seriously. Maybe Sleepy Joe Biden swerved into it when he said he prefers "truth over facts." The new push for more gun laws is a good example of what happens to truth when it hits the fan. Here are some facts. There is a big difference between background checks and universal background checks. Every person who buys a gun at a gun shop, online or at gun show must fill out a form 4473 and pass through the National Instant Check System done by a federal firearm licensed dealer. All of the most recent mass shooters passed through this system legally.

Universal background checks are something completely different. That would make it a crime to sell a gun without going to a FFL dealer to perform the check first. To sell or give away a gun to your friend, or loan a hunting rifle to someone for deer season, would be a felony. So here is the big question: How is the government going to know if you had a background check before Uncle Bob gave you that hunting rifle? The answer is nobody knows for sure who owns the 350 MILLION firearms floating around out there. There are no records kept regarding who owns what because it is against federal law to make such a list. Canada tried to do just that some years ago and the whole system collapsed under its own weight trying to keep track of only a tiny fraction of the guns that exist here. Would the Democrats create a whole huge new department, the Gun Registration Gestapo, to go door-to-door and document what guns are present and exactly who owns each and every one? Aside from being profoundly unconstitutional, what would be the benefit of that when it is known that background checks have failed to stop the shootings at all?

Another useless idea from the hysterical voices demanding more laws is to declare more "Gun Free Zones." It is a fact that at least 89 percent of all mass shootings in the last 20 years have happened in gun-free zones. Chicago is one great big gun-free zone where there are about 50 shootings every week! California has every gun control law anyone could ever want yet they have more mass shooting than states with more relaxed gun laws. When New Jersey banned standard capacity 30 shot magazines recently, not a single person in the state surrendered one to the police, that I heard of. Same in Vermont.

Thank You Governor Sununu for vetoing the nonsense and preserving our civil rights in New Hampshire.

Alan Moon


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