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So I was talking to a coworker today about his observations Black Lives Matter demonstration in Laconia. It seems there were some individuals who thought they should bring firearms to the event, perhaps to stand guard over the monuments in Veteran's Park, perhaps to make a statement. Let's talk about that.

How smart is it to bring a firearm to a political event? What are those scenarios that can happen? Who has the liability and faces the real threat in that situation? There are very strict laws about what one may do and say and express while carrying a firearm. The only legitimate reason to bring arms to bear in this state is for self defense against deadly aggression. Arms may not be used in an argument, a confrontation, or even in the case of non-deadly assault. Your gun is useless, unless someone else is there with a gun and it looks like they're going to shoot you. And in that situation, who are the police going to see is the bad guy? How long before SWAT takes you down?

If you are innocently standing around with your AR-15 slung down and your pistol holstered at your side, and there are escalating words in confrontation with a demonstrator that end with someone spitting in your face. There will be 10 cell phones taking a movie when you lift your pistol or brandish your AR-15. You have committed a felony and the evidence against you will be overwhelming. How about what happens when you make an armed citizen's arrest of someone's spraying graffiti on a sacred monument? When the police arrive they will arrest you both, but maybe not the guy you're trying to arrest because he threw the spray paint away and you're holding a gun on an unarmed "your word against mine."

Read the NH RSAs on criminal threatening and the Ward Bird story. One wrong gesture can become a felony.

Let's talk about the difference between a patriot and a terrorist. A patriot is one who represents his country's creed. He understands his rights and responsibilities well enough that he can express them in political discourse and those words are strong enough. Not intimidation, truth. A terrorist is someone who must shove his ideas and his politics down other's throats with a gun. Which are you?

Andrew Sanborn


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They may have a right to carry, but no one, on either side, should bring guns to a demonstration. It is just as stupid as allowing guns in the statehouse.

Alan Moon

The peacefully armed citizens were also exercising their civil rights under the law in NH. There was reliable information that there was a large group of people from other states here to incite violence. For every gun you saw there were many more armed citizens on patrol around Laconia to keep our people and property safe. Be thankful.

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