To The Daily Sun,

Thank you, Steve Earle, for your agreement regarding the so called Holocaust deniers. Your comments were appreciated.

Hate is a four-letter word. The actions that stem from hate are destructive.

I know what hate is. Wearing a hearing aid subjects me to being "deaf and dumb" by antagonists, past employers, a former wife who abused me, and many more. During high school years, my briefcase was kicked around, people laughed at me due to both the hearing aids and short stature (I am five feet tall). People "flicked pencils on my ears" until I cried, "no more." A student did it one time and he suffered painfully from it. He was suspended, I was not. Employers discriminated against me throughout life both in the private sector and in New Hampshire government (where I was supposedly safe.) A supervisor once made fun of me and attacked my hearing. Others spoke up, and she was removed. Some employers recognize my hard work ethic, reliability, and loyalty enabling me to move past the insults. Lifelong friendships developed from these employers.

My hearing makes my skin black. I relate to these minorities. One common thread that binds all of us, our blood is red, categorized by type, Rh factor and not the color of the skin on top. We are all homo sapiens; why should the color of skin, or religious background, sexual orientation matter? When one receives blood, he or she never knows the race of the recipient. This blood is life-saving.

Many women are still treated as second-class citizens. They deserve the respect for the individual traits that define their personalities, dreams, hopes, and goals in life.

I once was a Christian. I saw hatred in the many Christian faiths I belonged to. The very person chosen as their leader states, "judge not lest ye be judged." The Jesus Christ I was taught was one who took everyone under his wing, not just the elite, but also the poor and those trodden upon. He was forgiving.

This is a world of many faiths, where the Christian faith is actually a minority. But I am not an atheist either; rather, I defer to the powerful forces that nature guides us. Nature will provide the ultimate punishment for our continued disrespect for this planet.

History shows Christians in the past were the most violent in human history. While some berate Muslims today or Quakers, they are in effect among the more peaceful religions. Attacks on religions in this country violate the First Amendment, designed to (a) protect religious groups in their settings of worship, and (b) protect the remaining society from religion.

White supremacists and bullies have no place in this country. They violate the First Amendment by attacking the very core defining our country. When they attempt to suppress others, this also attacks the wellbeing and safety of American citizens. Our President is among this group that foments hate and division. He attacks his own party when they criticize him.

Our country is in constitutional crisis, not heading towards it. The economy may be falsely seem healthy, but in reality, the signs are there that we could be heading into a financial mess far worse than the Great Depression in the '30s. Bullying, idolizing the dictators of the world, hurts all humankind. We are Americans, all of us. It will take all of us to make this country whole once more.

Trump is not "making America great," he is destroying us and the climate that is seriously deteriorating in the name of money based on hate.

People laughed at me when I was young, then middle aged, and as a senior citizen. Some disrespect the elders who defined our country. Trump made fun of the disabled, making him a bully. Bullying is hate, a weakness and a coward. It takes all of us together to stand up to these hateful people who seek to divide our country.

Indians suffered significantly. First they were bullied off their lands, then they were forced upon Indian reservations, and currently Big Oil is attacking even their established reservations, where their ancestors are buried, and shows the lack of respect for the original natives of this country. Their waters became polluted, their burial grounds ravished, all in the name of profit and greed for a source of energy that is not recoverable.

Hate, a four-letter word. It has destroyed much of our earth and humankind. It must stop before our planet reaches the end stage of death.

Bob Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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