To The Daily Sun,

Letters again about masks, and today’s front page all about masks, from a pediatric physician. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, in a no-nonsense home as were many of my generation. During my psychiatric rotation in nursing school, orientation to reality was always the course of treatment; you never participated in or promoted the delusions of your patients.

During my 45 years plus as a surgical nurse, I wore a mask and find these discussions of masks incredulous. Unless you are wearing a “properly fitted” N-95 mask, you are not protected from a virus. There are no valid research studies regarding the efficacy of masks in relations to coronavirus, however there is a recent study on mask wearing and the risks they pose based on how we wear and care for them.

From my observations of how people wear and care for the masks on their face, most of you would vomit if you saw what your mask looks like under a black light. Think about what you may be breathing in, what germs you spread near the mucous membranes of your mouth, nose and eyes; the reduction of oxygen through your germ- and dust-clogged filtration mask.

If you want to wear a mask, then please do so. Masks reduce the spread of bacterial airborne infections. There are many valid circumstances in which you would be wise to wear a mask – properly.

When you remove a mask from your face, it must go in the trash. If it is a cloth mask (least protective), it must go in the laundry. Put a new or freshly laundered mask on your face each and every time.

For more effective mask wearing: wear a paper mask. Take the ear loops and cut them in half; then do something to extend each end. Tie the top ends around the back of your head and tie the bottom ends around your neck to make it fit your face better and prevent you from endlessly reaching up and touching/contaminating the mask.

My wearing a mask to make you feel better is not based in reality as it pertains to this or any virus.

Remember: “Once fully vaccinated you are 95-percent protected. Fully vaccinated people are not in danger from, nor a danger to, unvaccinated people. Even those who have had COVID should be vaccinated. The unvaccinated are putting us all in peril.”

The last an illogical statement if you believed the first one. Now it appears these “vaccinations” may only be good for a few months, and we will be needing regular booster shots. For whose benefit? If you feel you’re in a risky category, get vaccinated. Do what is necessary to keep yourself healthy. We get flu shots every year!

As with all research, there are those who will pick and choose outcomes to support their desired results. The American people, especially in New Hampshire, are logical, no-nonsense people. Let’s approach this utilizing those skills.

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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Until this COVID 19 pandemic is under control, and the Delta variant none existent; I don't think it should be if you want to wear a mask, it should be mandatory by all children, teachers and any adults enter a school, as well as indoor buildings such as public offices, super markets, etc.

Unfortunately, we are told that unvaccinated people should be wearing a mask indoors, but what I've seen is that many of unvaccinated people are against wearing mask, too.


It's fairly simple - masks, when worn correctly, do help. Vaccines don't make you immune... they reduce hospitalization & death and reduce how much Covid-19 spreads. Because of the unvaccinated, people not taking this as seriously as they should, and the fact that viruses are living things - we now have much worse variants and will need boosters. Most of the recent deaths from Covid-19 are the unvaccinated! Children under 12 aren't eligible for the vaccines & are going back to school! You do the math....

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