To The Daily Sun,

BLM and ANTIFA are racist, socialist, and terrorists, need to be stopped. Democratic governors and mayors are too chicken to stop them. Good President Trump called in military agents and arresting some of the thugs in Kenosha, Wisconsin, when help was asked for. Violent riots, homicides, arson and other crimes are allowed in blue states because of weakness in democratic leaders- who are in denial there’s a problem in their states! Been over 3 months of destruction, statues demolished. Tough to buy they’re this stupid and uninformed. They even claim crime is “way down in 2020” yet shootings alone increased more than 250% in NYC alone. Defunding or abolishing the police means no crimes at all to liberals! Unbelievable. Republicans don’t riot either. Patriot support rally in Portland, Oregon, was met by rioters and thugs murdered one of the patriots, then celebrated the death. MSM flat out lies about what’s really going on. Voters need to open their eyes and vote against this horrid violence.

Gas prices went down thanks to fracking and President Trump making US not dependent on other countries for oil, before the pandemic started. Democrats will tell you it’s because there was less traffic on the roads. COVID relief bills were held up both times by Democrat Nancy Pelosi as she slipped in Green New Deals, the Kennedy Center, health care and other benefits for illegals in her hunt for power and control. Republicans want relief for all Americans. Democrats have never cared about anyone, especially blacks, they’ve done nothing for them – except tell taxpayers they’re too stupid to keep all the money they earn and increase taxes like clockwork to give themselves vacations and payroll increases to members of Congress. Democrats, Hollywood, as well as Bloomberg, Gates and Soros are so far out of touch with humanity they sicken smart people. Plus Obama and Soros gave millions to China before the pandemic. Governor Newsome (D) from Calif. gave a million dollars to China to make masks for us! USA made more masks than any other country by far – so wear them sheep! Democrats instilled this abject fear into you, to keep giving your freedoms up to liberals in charge.

And finally, in spite of what Joshua Hebert dreams, I did NOT say there were no COVID cases in Sturgis, although at the time of my letter the cases hadn’t been reported. I said it was a success. Remember ratios, fractions, basic math? 100 COVID cases in over 100,000 people without any restrictions is amazingly low! This virus is out there, learn to LIVE with it. President Trump genuinely cares about all Americans. Democrats only care about their own wallets and that almighty power grab. We hear Obama can’t be indicted – he should be for abetting and funding terrorist organizations alone, including Iran. President Trump can’t be indicted because he did nothing to call for it. Grow up MSM lovers! America can’t afford socialism.

Allison James


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