To The Daily Sun,

Gilmanton, what an angry small town. Why? The high tax rate and spending is one reason. The GYRL and its funding issues is also a big contributor to the discontent.

In the past few years, Gilmanton has been almost evenly divided on the funding issue. To beat a dead horse, the GYRL promised no funding will ever be requested from the town. If only they would admit to this well-known fact then maybe we can move on. But they keep denying it. They continue to claim transparency and honesty even with their clouded twist on their survey which yielded a poor response rate of 20 percent despite their appearance in attempting to rig it in their favor by making it available to anyone who came into the library thus allowing a person to complete more than one. This tactic goes well with the luncheon and the last-minute deals with the previous chairman of the Selectman prior to the last election.

They boast 777 visits on average per month. But they will not tell you how many people actually use it, but it can figure it out in the survey. For years the GYRL has heavily promoted that they are there for the children. They do boast 50 to 80 children attend each after-school program. Remember the images of children holding signs to Save Our Library in previous elections? Well, then why were the children's programs shut down after last year's vote? Then again when the children's librarian left. They could not find other alternatives to keep the children's programs going? That's a commitment to the children all right.

The perception is the library should be renamed the Gilmanton Year-Round Liebrary! A simple fact: If the 500-plus people who voted for the funding in the last election would make a yearly charitable tax deduction contribution of $100 a year or even an $8 a month contribution, then the liebrary would be well on its way to the financial solvency as was promised. By voting for the funding, it gives the perception that it is OK to be deceptive.

While on the topic of transparency, how about the person running for re-election to be a selectman? He can't even follow and comply with the requirements for operating his own business. His whining needs to stop. In published news stories about his difficulties in obtaining the proper permits with the state and town, which is solely his responsibility, he often includes the fact that he is a selectman in Gilmanton. This gives the appearance and perception that he is seeking political favors in short-cutting and avoiding the permit process. A selectman should not give the appearance of using his position for personal gain. How can a person govern a town effectively and without bias when he is suing that town? That suit, after all, has become an added financial burden on the town.

Another example of his perception of conflict of interest is the fact that he is against a noise ordinance in Gilmanton. Without a noise ordinance he can conduct events at his business and be as loud as they want and operate into the early hours of the morning without regards to neighbors. How about his issue with his dog. This person should follow the excellent example of the abiding by the laws and regulations for operating a business in Gilmanton just as the eatery and fuel pumps in the Corners had to comply with. The Corner Slice patiently endured for a year before it was allowed to open and they continue to display nothing but class in its latest issues with the historical people.

As we go to the voting booth honesty and frugality should be on our minds. Reduce taxes, lower spending, vote for honesty, and do not permit deception. After reading this morning's paper, it appears the selectman race may come down to the lesser of two evils, although it gives the perception of great timing for one candidate. Judge each candidate on what they have done for the town and its residents and weigh what they have done for themselves. Will someone who is can be perceived as acting in the best interest in the town of Gilmanton and its residents, who is without prejudice and not appearing to be self-serving, run as a write-in candidate for selectman?

Bill Schmidlin

Gilmanton Iron Works

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