To The Daily Sun,

I figured I could perform a two-fer with this letter, responding to both L.J. Siden's and George Maloof's letters in the November 22nd Sun.

First, L.J wrote that President Barack Obama "is quoted as saying that his grade point average at Columbia was an impressive 3.7." There's only problem with Obama's statement — there's absolutely no proof his statement is true. None. All of his college transcripts have been sealed, as have any papers or articles he may have authored while attending Columbia and Harvard Law School. We have to take his word for it, and as we have come to see over the past five years, his word isn't good enough. He's the only president in the modern era that has worked so diligently to bury parts of his past that previous presidents and presidential contenders have made readily available to the American public. So until he makes his transcripts available I'll take any claim Obama makes about his grades with a huge grain of salt. His saying it's so doesn't make it so.

Next, Mr. Maloof has once again dipped into the "people are tired of Republican partisan bickering" pool while at the same time choosing to ignore that his favorite party, the Democrats, are masters of the art. While it is true there are schisms within the Republican party, mainly between the establishment members and the Tea Party members, George sees it as a sign that GOP is doomed. That's a rather short-sighted view.

Every political party goes through changes. Even the Democrats have done so over the past 50 years, changing from a party that stood up for the "little guy" to one that believes that only they, with the power of an overreaching government behind it, should control the little guy, as well as the middle guy, and a good portion of the big guys, too. It appears they also believe that it's not greed when you want to take away money that someone else earned, but it is greed if the person who earned that money wants to keep it. (Has "It's not your money. It's OUR money and we know how to spend it better than you do!" become the new Democrat mantra?)

The GOP is going through a change as members who have gotten sick and tired of the GOP establishment whom they see as abandoning the principles of the party, that being frugality in spending and taxation. The GOP has become not much more than Democrats-Lite. The Tea Party wants to get back to making sure the American taxpayers get the biggest bang for every dollar they surrender to the federal government. The basic principles of the Tea Party movement boils down to that the American people know better how to spend their own money and that the government doesn't. Government waste is legion, with billions, if not hundreds of billions of dollars (a third of which the government has borrowed) being wasted on programs, earmarks, redundancies, and agencies that do absolutely nothing and have no value to the American people. I would think that you would be angered by such waste, Mr. Maloof, seeing as some of your tax money is being frittered away. (I am assuming, of course, that you actually pay taxes to the bottomless money pit that is the U.S. Government.)

Addressing your last point, Mr. Maloof, most Republicans, at least at the grassroots level, are quite compassionate. We give of our time and our money. You may think of yourself as compassionate as well, but the problem is that you appear to be more than willing be compassionate with MY time and MY money and not your own. Who's really the compassionate one? I'll give you hint: go look in a mirror. The fellow you see there isn't the compassionate one.

Dale Channing Eddy


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